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As I dog owner myself, I know the importance of regular walks and stimulation. Having experience with many different breeds, temperaments, all ages and fitness levels, I offer one to one walks or pack walks. What i love the most is the special bond with each dog. I love it when they greet me with tails wagging and excitement! I walk in all weathers, rainy days I keep dogs as clean as i can, and summer months I keep them cool with aircon, and water. I can mix up their walks like going to beaches woodland or parks, and have a dog harness clip for safe travel. I know many areas dogs love. I can walk locally, incase your dog or dogs didn't like to travel. I do half hour walks or 1 hour walks or more if needed. I take pictures on every walk, if wanted and share them on my website and Facebook page, with consent of course. 





I know people love their dogs and never want to miss an adventure with them. So i decided to do a free journal (optional) to each client. It will include pictures and notes of what your furry friend got up do on the day. The Journal will be for as long as you wanted.

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